January 15, 2005, CES Show, Jimmy Award

"13. Uniwave Tek This tiny, Utah-based companyís entry in the digital-chip amplifier race was an amazing debut -- or, rather, two debuts; their preamp also uses a chip. Although the prices are on the high side for digital gear, the specs alone justify higher-than-entry-level tags. For example, the ANACO 2 preamp ($4800) has an amazing bandwidth of 3MHz, is truly balanced, and has a digital volume control that should be the envy of all -- the preampís amazing signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB remains unaltered throughout the controlís range. The ANACO 2 stereo amplifier is equally impressive. For $6800 you get an amp rated at 500Wpc into 8 ohms with a 250kHz bandwidth, 98dB signal/noise ratio, 92% efficiency, and a 2500W-capacity switching power supply. Moreover, both amp and preamp are squeezed into shiny, curvaceous chassis that tickle the acquisitive urge (think Jeff Rowland gear). Iím concerned whether Uniwave Tek will be able to fight the big guns massing on the horizon, but the company has been producing loudspeakers since 1990 under the name Chateau Research. Driven by ANACO amplifiers, the Chateau speakers produced a pristine, nonelectronic sound that was difficult to nit-pick. Sometimes that says a lot. Hereís a toast to Uniwave Tekís prosperity."

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