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Through more than five years of research and development, taking advantage of digital processing speed and efficiency, a smaller form factor has been developed for this series of products including preamplifier, amplifier and power supply. We call it 'Uniwave', named for this new way of treatment for the sound waves. This exciting technology utilizes CMOS based semiconductor technology with our proprietary patented ANACO controller technology. We have bridged the gap between analog and digital processes. The sound you experience with our systems, with its efficiency and speed, comes with an enormous power and so fast that the presentations are so accurate and detailed. It sounds not only so very powerful, detailed and musical, like a vacuum tube output, but without its deficiency of lacking of the speed and power. Currently, our ANACO 2 digital amplifier has achieved the bandwidth about 250KHz while in comparison the best vacuum tube amplifier is about 18KHz. Our preamplifier, the bandwidth is about 3 MHz.

Our company, Uniwave Tek, also has produced a line of speaker products dated back from 1990 under the name, Château Research, Inc, now a division of the new entity. Château Reference monitors, including M¹ and M³ Elite Reference Monitors are developed with an objective and transparent speaker design philosophy. With these time and phase aligned reference monitors, the listeners will enjoy the unforgettable experiences of a very transparent and colorless sound, detailed with the best sound stage imagery presented infront.


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